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The Hectic series are extruded facing bricks manufactured at the ring kiln in Maaseik, Belgium. When the bricks are prepared for baking, additives that reduce the melting point of the bricks are sprinkled between the stacked layers. During the firing process, some of the bricks stick to one another, producing unique grooves and protrusions.
The appearance of the Hectic bricks is achieved through the process of mixing different colours and the reduction-firing process. The slag, sintering and smelting process yields the irregular look of the bricks.

Two other versions versions available:
The ?Hectic Extra? brick line includes more bricks with irregularities of this nature. The bricks can be further treated in order to give them an older and more authentic look. At high temperatures, the bricks can take on a bent or curved form, which offers definite added value in certain architectural applications.

The "Hectic Braised" brick is achieved by braising the brick. In order to give the bricks a hazy grey or black tint, they are fired a second time in a smaller oven. They
are sealed airtight in the kiln and the remaining oxygen is completely burned off. The addition of coal dust produces a special reaction with the bricks and gives them a very unique dark and often hazy appearance.

The Hectic, Hectic Extra and Hectic Braised brick lines are available in WF, WFD and NF sizes
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