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We have many options available, make sure you browse through our website to see them all.
The ContFORT line is our Collection of Contemporary Flush doors. A fusion of innovative design and clean-cut modernism.

Models Available:
Stax Horizontal Grain
Stax Vertical Grain
Stax Horizontal Grain - Vertical Insert
Stax Horizontal Grain - Horizontal Insert
Lineal - Wood Inserts
Lineal - Metal Inserts
Encounter - Metal Insert (1/4 or 1/2)
Ladder - Metal Insert (1/4 or 1/2)
River - Glass
River - Wood

BauFORT. Pure Rustic Contemporarism. This collection displays refinement, precision and strength in their grandeur. These collection is hand-crafted to showcase the undeniable character of wood.. This doors are manufactured with 1/8” Premium Veneers or 1/4” Character Veneers.

Our SenseFORT line carries doors to be enjoyed in a more spontaneous, stylish and relaxed environment. A sensorial combination of native culture, textures & craftsmanship with cutting edge technology. Our PelleFORT line of doors is one of our most unique line of doors, for it has a rich combination of textures and a wide variety of materials.

Pellefort doors are exotic and command attention with their powerful stance.
Finally, we have our MooFORT line of doors, which is designed for the true visionaries!

MooFORT doors exhibit the unprecedented merge between wood and cowhide. They come packed with adventure and rugged beauty. They're undeniably wild!

If you are interested in creating something custom, a unique face pattern or a special species... please contact us. Let's work as a team to make it happen.

Custom Stains and/or species are available upon request.

Please make sure you read through installation and warranty guidelines.
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