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Light tunnel

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Sunshine house

In order to supply interior with natural light where there are no opportunities to install roof or vertical windows, an effective solution can be a LightTunnel. Thanks to the light tunnel, the natural light gets into the building illuminating its interior. In the other rooms light tunnel can be an additional source of light.
The amount of light which enters the room thorough the light tunnels depends on the light intensity outside the building. The more light illuminates the dome of the light tunnel, the more light is conveyed to the building interior. The below diagram illustrates the full amount of the daylight (lm) depending on the month and cloudiness measured at the light tunnel dome.


The amount of light entering the room is dependent on the placing of the dome. When planning the installation of the light tunnel, the following elements have to be taken into account: place the dome on the south facing roof which is the most illuminated part of the roof and avoid shady places, place the light transmitting tube in such a
way that it travels the shortest possible distance between roof and ceiling, instal the light tunnel to ensure the best possible tension (light tunnel with flexible tube). When planning size and number of light tunnels, the following have to be taken into account: size and shape, especially the room height, colours and textures of walls, ceiling and floor surface, planned furniture and additional equipment placement (according to the type and purpose of the room).
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