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Lightline for Chroma

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3form Europe

As the pioneer of translucent materials, 3form understands how light inspires, captivates and transforms design. Introducing 2 new products: chroma Glow and chroma Accent, using proprietary Lightline technology.

Lightline is a fully integrated light solution with hidden technology that deliverers over 50.000 hours of fully tested lighting - Fit and forget 3form Lightline.

Specifically designed to work with Chroma panels, Lightline brings a new dimension to lighting translucent materials

Chroma Glow :evenly lights panels bringing a new dimension to Chroma.

Chroma Accent highlights edge details

About Chroma: Chroma - breaking boundaries with Bold, solid and translucent surface that explores luminous color, texture and design

This exciting monolithic solid material contains 40% pre-consumer recycled material and is ideal for horizontal applications while being engineered to be resurfaced again and again, preventing the material from entering the waste stream. Chroma is highly durable - solid and sturdy for a variety of horizontal or vertical applications, formable - can be shaped to accommodate radius curves and structural - thick ( 12,7, 25,4 and 50,4mm) and stable for engineered load bearing
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