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Lumio unfolds from a book into a multi-purpose portable lamp. Transform Lumio into many shapes to meet your needs!

Lumio is a multi-purpose modern lamp that can be used almost anywhere...

What makes Lumio unique?

- ADAPTABLE FORM & FUNCTION: You can transform Lumio into multiple shapes for many different functions. From your living room to the outdoors, Lumio is adaptable to your lighting needs as it changes throughout the day.
- PORTABLE & UNEXPECTED DESIGN: Lumio is cordless and folds into a compact and lightweight book. You can easily take it with you wherever you go.
- SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE IN A SMALL PACKAGE: It provides high output quality lighting equal to many large permanent light fixtures and lasts 8 hours on a full-charge. It folds into a compact book approx. 1" thick.
- VERSATILE USE: Super strong magnets are built into its cover making it easy to mount Lumio on metal surfaces in many different configurations.

Lumio is an elegant solution that provides you with beautiful and powerful lighting whenever you need it. Here are a few ways you can
use Lumio:

- Table lamp
- Wall sconce
- Ceiling pendant
- Task lighting
- Accent light
- Outdoor lighting
- Emergency light
- Come up with your own unique uses for Lumio!

Lumio started as an exploration to design a modular home that can fold flat and fit into a compact car. During the design development, I quickly realize that it will take a lot of capital (that I don't have) to build working prototypes for the folding house. During this period, I've built a few folding architectural models that I carry around in my sketchbook.

When I decided to pivot and translate the concept into a folding lamp, it was a natural progression to use the form of the sketchbook as a way to package the lamp. That's how Lumio was born.

It's very simple and intuitive. The lamp automatically turns on and off as you open and close the cover. A flexible and durable spine design allows you to control brightness by adjusting the angle without a switch or button. Lumio eliminates the hassle of walking across the room to find a light switch.

Like a laptop computer, you can plug in Lumio and use it as a permanent fixture. The built-in battery can be re-charged through a power connector located discreetly on the spine of the book. It is as simple as "plug and play."

Lumio performs like a permanent light fixture with the added versatility of being portable. Fold Lumio into a compact book and take it with you as a lightweight portable lamp. At just one pound and with 8 hours of continuous life, Lumio provides beautiful lighting on the go and stows away compactly when unused.

With its cordless capability, magnetized cover and flexible design, Lumio gives you the freedom to use it in unexpected ways.

Each fixture is a module that can be arranged as part of a larger lighting configuration. Lumio is designed to inspire creativity; you can come up with your own sculptural installation or discover new uses in a space where common light fixtures can not reach.

Life is full of unexpected moments. Whether you're throwing an impromptu backyard party or reading a bedtime story to your kids, Lumio is there to help you!

Lumio is crafted with a blend of environmentally friendly materials and high performing technology. Its cover is made of FSC certified wood (in 3 finishes) and the body of the lamp is made of 100% recyclable, water resistant Tyvek. The "core" of Lumio is comprised of high output LED lights and long lasting Lithium Ion battery.


- Dimensions: 8.5” tall x 7” wide x 1.25” thick
- Weight: approx. 1 lb
- Cover material: FSC certified wood in 3 finish options - Dark Walnut, Warm Cherry and Blonde Maple
- Cover magnet: Super strong Neodymium magnets built into the cover
- Lamp body material: 100% recyclable, water resistant Tyvek
- Light source / brightness: High output LED / 500 lumen (slightly brighter than 40w bulb)
- Light temperature: 2700K (warm white)
- Battery specs: Rechargeable Lithium Ion
- Battery life: 8 hours battery life with constant use
- Power: External adapter, 100-240v, with North American plug (included)
- Accessories (for stretch goals): Leather strap for hanging (If we exceed $100k) and USB charger (If we exceed $150k)
- Patent pending

We’ll ship in Summer 2013. Here's our schedule for Lumio delivery:

- February: Make final product refinement.
- March: Finalize manufacturing facility.
- April: Place component orders.
- May: Set up assembly facility.
- June: Begin assembly of first batch.
- July: Ship out first batch.
- August: Ship out Limited Edition Lumio. Assembly of second batch.

September : Ship out second batch.

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