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MOSO Bamboo Forest

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MOSO Bamboo Forest is the most authentic bamboo floor imaginable. For this unique product the bamboo stem is flattened with a special process to create the top layer of a three layer solid bamboo floor board. The result is a very robust floor with the natural beauty and original look of the bamboo plant. The surface of the floor consists of the stony bark of the bamboo stem, which is so hard and wear resistant that no oil or lacquer finish is required.

Key characteristics of MOSO Bamboo Forest:

•Sustainable, ecological and highly renewable | The giant bamboo species MOSO grows to maturity within 5 years (compared to over 50 years for most hardwood species) and can therefore act as the green alternative for scarce tropical hardwood
•Hard, stable & durable | with a hardness (8,1 kg/mm2 Brinell), density (≥ 810 kg/m3) and dimensional stability which is similar or even superior to the best tropical hardwood species, MOSO Bamboo Forest may be effortlessly applied in heavy duty residential and commercial projects.
•Distinct, original natural look | The rings on
the trunk are visible in the shape of nodes (on the full width of the board) and even the year markings which have been made by the farmers can be seen in some boards.
•Use of formaldehyde free adhesive (E0 norm)
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