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MOSO Bamboo Supreme

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MOSO Bamboo Supreme an innovative and aesthetical attractive 2 layer flooring made for 100% from the giant bamboo species MOSO and consists of a 4 mm top layer and a cross-pressed bamboo backing. The total thickness is 10mm which is relatively thin compared to other wood floors. However, as with any wood species the basic rule is: the thicker, the less stable the wood (shrink/swell). The 10mm thickness and 4mm toplayer is an ideal compromise between durability and stability and therefore offers a perfect solution for heavy circumstances, like installation on floor heating and/or installation in heavy traffic areas.

The boards are connected by means of a tongue and groove which besides the standard linear pattern makes it suitable to create a herringbone pattern or a block pattern.
MOSO Bamboo Supreme is available in various sizes (920x92x10mm, 450x75x10mm), colours (natural, caramel), styles (side pressed, plain pressed, compressed) & finishes (lacquered, oiled, untreated) to provide a tailor made solution for everyone. Furthermore, on request MOSO Bamboo Supreme can be supplied with FSC-label and formaldehyde free adhesive (E0 norm).

Key characteristics
of MOSO Bamboo Supreme:

•Sustainable, ecological and highly renewable | The giant bamboo species MOSO grows to maturity within 5 years (compared to over 50 years for most hardwood species) and can therefore act as the green alternative for scarce tropical hardwood.
•Hard, stable & durable | with a hardness, density and dimensional stability similar or better than good quality hardwoods, Bamboo Supreme may be effortlessly applied in heavy duty residential and commercial projects
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