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Natural Dimensions: GREEN BLADE ® -Taiga

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Green Blade is a stunning hand crafted material created from the stem of the banana plant into a sophisticated and natural veneer has stunning aesthetic qualities and is 100% sustainable design. The stunning design of Green Blade is made from a renewable and abundant raw material that has not participated in deforestation. Exclusively manufactured from the stems of banana plants which grow to full size every nine months, the unique, decorative veneer that has transformed agricultural waste from banana farming.

Responsibly produced – Naturally Beautiful: The four subtle colours of Green Blade are completely natural and have been created by subtleties in the manufacturing process. The elegant “wood look” in soft warm colours of Copse,Taiga,Silvam and Silvam create stunning hand crafted panels for walls and partitions.

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FIBandCO and 3form Europe announces a new partnership to launch “ GREEN BLADE ® ” as a unique Full Circle interlayer in the 3form collection. This new partnership brings "Green Blade" to the architecture and design community for the first time using 3form’s innovative Varia material to create doors, wall
features, partitions ceiling elements or other custom architectural objects

About Fib and Co and Green Blade:
In the French overseas region of Martinique, FIBandCO have developed “Green Blade” a new naturally created decorative eco veneer made from the discarded stems of banana plants. Winner of the Batimat Innovation prize 2011, Green Blade is the result of several years of research undertaken by two young French engineers Vladimir Hayot and Nicolas Cheminon who founded FIBandCO in 2009 in Martinique to focus on sustainable material development.

The unique patented process that creates GreenBlade veneer, resides as much in the raw material innovation that it uses, as in the eco manufacturing model that re uses agricultural by-products naturally. Vladimir and Nicolas are passionate and rigorous in their ecological and ethical approach to creating Green Blade with totally renewable and abundant raw materials that do not take part in deforestation.

Designers and architects who are passionate about using responsible and sustainable materials in their projects can now use GreenBlade veneer as a 3form interlayer in Varia panels. Green Blade is part of the 3form Varia Full Circle Collection that encapsulates stunning material interlayer’s in ecoresin™ panels that are made with recycled content. The interlayer’s in the 3form Full Circle collection are made from rapidly renewable resources and created by artisan and community groups throughout the world. 3form panels with GreenBlade can be made into custom designed panels for doors, walls, partitions, ceiling elements or other custom architectural elements..

“ We are excited about our collaboration with 3form Europe to bring Green Blade to the design community as 3forms commitment to developing sustainable products is a natural fit with FIBandCO‘s own philosophy “said Kristy Morgan FIBandCO Marketing and Sales manager. “Green Blade is made naturally without impacting the environment, creating new employment with a sustainable future for the local community”.

“Through our collaboration with FIBandCO, 3form in turn helps support Martinique’s local community by bringing ecological raw materials to the Architecture and Design community through our collection” Said Cas Jongerius CEO 3form Europe.

Supporting local communities with sustainable products:
FIBandCO’s primary aim has always been to produce a product that is as ethical as it is beautiful. Designers and Architects can be confident in the knowledge that Green Blade has been produced by employees who work under strict European/French employment laws Employees benefit from guaranteed wage levels and full employment rights.

The Green Blade factory based right the banana plantation, brings hope of new training for local people by recycling renewable resources that do not harm the environment. Employees of FIBandCO are given the opportunity of ongoing training to develop GreenBlade and the natural process that creates the finished material. Long term, FIBandCO aspirations for Green Blade production include developing a professional training centre in Martinique. This new centre will help other banana growing islands in the region use their unique patented technology to build sustainable employment and new income for their island communities.

Today few products leave the island of Martinique- Bananas and a small amount of rhum and sugar cane, so Green Blade is the first and only architectural material to be manufactured in the French West Indies for worldwide export. With a population of 411’000, Martinique has some of the highest unemployment numbers in France and Europe. Green Blade production has created new employment on an island that has 21% unemployment and up to 47% unemployment among the under 25’s.
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