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Rockpanel Woods

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Rockpanel boards used as rainscreen cladding in ventilated facade systems. Decorative facades in ventilated constructions which offer thermal, aesthetic and waterproofing benefits. The woods collection is available in 5 oak and 4 ebony finishes alongside our range of 8 standard, natural look non-repeating wood finishes. Rockpanel Woods is produced from basalt rock. The boards are manufactured through a careful and innovative production process, so there is no repetition of wood grain patterns in your design.’ The products combine the natural warm radiance and workability of real wood with the durability of stone. Dimensions and tolerances:
Panel dimensions 3050 x 1200 x 8 mm
Length/width tolerance +2/-2 mm 
Diagonal tolerance 8804; 4;4 mm 
Thickness tolerance +0,5/-0,5 mm
- Lightweight and cut to size
- Quick and easy install
- Flexible, can follow the contour of design
- Fire-safe and environmentally friendly; 100% recyclable
- Low-maintenance
- Rockpanel Woods can only be used in a ventilated construction.
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