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Rug Jan Kath

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You can be cool while still keeping your feet warm! With his modern designs, Jan Kath (born 1972) is creating a completely new perspective on carpets. Guided by a bold approach in his work, Kath, originally from Bochum, combines classical elements of Oriental carpets with contemporary, minimalist design.
Jan Kath has developed an unmistakable signature that defines style and is one of the most important carpet designers on the international stage today. His concepts have earned numerous accolades, including the Red Dot award and Carpet Design Award.
The matrix for his innovative designs is formed by a relationship to carpets with deep emotional roots: he is from the third generation of a family of carpet dealers who have branches in the Ruhr and in Berlin.
Although the allure created by imperfection, erosion, and transformation plays a central role in his designs, Kath is "uncompromisingly conservative" where quality is concerned.
CVOUSPLAIT is representing the rugs of Jan Kath in the contract market in the Benelux.
Have a look on our website or contact us for further information at (NL) 0416
66 66 34 (BE) 0473 49 80 80.
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