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Runner Table

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Regarding Runner its designer Marco Acerbis says: “Our lifestyle is increasingly integrated with the objects we use every day. We are used to interacting through communication devices and moving within progressively smaller spaces. The Runner_Table is the answer to this lifestyle, allowing for the space below the work surface to be used in an elegant way. Although characterized by a radical design, it remains a clean, simple and efficient object. An ON/OFF tool functioning according to the needs of the moment.”

The video:

Muse Project Factory presents the video Runner, online from today at

A table, a cello, and a few everyday objects.
And so “Runner”, a video that narrates the encounter between music and design, came into being. This project seeks new pathways to communicate concrete concepts by way of contemporary sounds and images. Narrative has always been the soul of Italian design; products are actors, performing on an imaginary stage for their creators or in reality for those who use them. The real protagonist is the table: Runner, conceived
by Marco Acerbis for Citterio, which, in a progression of emotional notes, recounts this “special” meeting between music and design in a dialogue with the cello. The original soundtrack, composed by Fabrizio Campanelli and performed “live” by Amerigo Daveri, musically delineates three moments of the day, suggesting atmospheres along with visual and tactile sensations that accompany the discovery of the object. The reawakening of morning, the exactitude of midday, the approaching night – all condensed into a two-minute narrative. Conceptualizing the form and function of a table combines with the precise execution of a musical score. Alvise Tedesco’s photography uses light to transform scenographic elements into the protagonists of a new, pictorial narrative.

It is directed by Francesca Molteni: “Runner, with it’s precise and elegant design, suggested to me the gesture of a cellist opening the instrument’s case and beginning to play. The music of our lives, which accompanies us throughout the day like the objects that we love, is part of the world – real or imaginary – that defines our identity. It is not possible to live without a suite by Bach, the greatest composer for cello, nor is it possible to live without those lovely things that have taken years to be conceived and created. Fabrizio Campanelli and Amerigo Daveri are extraordinary interpreters of a musical score that won us over. The intensity of the creative process unites music and design.” Regarding Runner its designer Marco Acerbis says: “Our lifestyle is increasingly int
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