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SARATECH® Permasorb® wallpaper

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SARATECH® Permasorb® is a breathable adsorptive wall covering from Blücher.

SARATECH® spherical high-performance adsorbents are the core components of the Permasorb® adsorptive fibreglass wallpaper. The adsorbents have extremely high mechanical properties and a large internal surface area (> 1000m2/g), which translates into a very high adsorptive capacity and rate of adsorption. The Permasorb® wallpaper takes account of the essential fact that walls shall remain permeable to air.

SARATECH® Permasorb® is made using a lamination and coating process, which results in a laminate of the following structure:

Outer layer: fibreglass fabric, white pigmented, 110 g/m•
Filter layer: SARATECH® spherical high-performance adsorbents
Inner side: paper/polyester – nonwoven, white, 46 g/m•

Currently, one standard version of white (pre-painted) Permasorb® “glas-fibre” material is available, with additional versions under development. The rolls are 33,4 m long, 75 cm width (25,05 m2)

SARATECH® Permasorb® is designed as a wallcovering for decontamination of building interiors. Typical contaminants include pcp, pcb, pesticides and insecticides as well as radon.
SARATECH® Permasorb® can be used for interior applications, particularly in high-traffic buildings and situations requiring a reliable solution that is highly
resistant to impacts and pressure.

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