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24-Sep-2010 Soft Feel is the softest two component urethane paint on the planet! Ultra soft to the touch, it feels like expensive suede or soft leather but offers the tough as nails performance of an automotive grade two component urethane finish.

Soft Feel is a translucent topcoat !!

It can be applied as a clear translucent topcoat over a wide variety of substrates and basecoats to produce a lustrous full matte finish. Or, mix with our Candies to create a tinted full coverage monocoat. Black and red are popular favorites!.

This product carries full test approvals from some of the largest general industrial clients on earth. It is used on automotive interiors, expensive furniture, computer peripherals, hairdryers and even aviation dashboards. Soft Feel instantly transforms hard surfaces into sensational new textures that feel like Velvet, Silk or even Rubber! Use it on door handles and side panels, drawer knobs and pulls, furniture armrests, tool and appliance handles and virtually any surface that paint will stick to

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