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Solid Series BambooXL

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Bamboo floors by Bamboo XL© have become a more and more popular choice among commercial businesses, mostly due to the sustainability, durability and natural look of our bamboo products. Our bamboo floor collection comprises a wide variety of dimensions, styles, colours and models: so we’ll always be able to find the right floor for you. All our floors have one thing in common: they’re made with a top layer of Solid Bamboo. This means that they’re twice as hard as traditional oak, the major advantage being that your floor will last far longer than any others and stay in prime condition.

Guaranteed quality

Our bamboo floors meet the highest quality standards and come with a standard warranty of up to 10 years.


Choosing a Classic Series bamboo floor by Bamboo XL© means less trees have been chopped down in the process. That’s because we use the giant Moso bamboo, which grows extremely fast – up to 1 metre a day. It takes 5 years for the trunk to reach maturity and to harden, after which is ready to be
harvested. The accelerated growth cycle and efficient production process mean that the bamboo used to manufacture your floor is an almost inexhaustible.


All our floors are antistatic and antiallergenic and contribute to creating a healthy workspace.

Unity in design

Our extensive range of Bamboo products has made it possible to achieve a concept of unity in design. Whether it’s bamboo floors, bamboo stairs, bamboo cupboards, bamboo windowframes or bamboo reception desks, the technical capabilities of our products gives way to an almost unlimited amount of options for you to use in your environment. Our advisers are happy to help you come to a perfect solution.


All our bamboo floors have a far more natural look. And, in comparison to most bamboo floors on the market, all our products are finished in The Netherlands. We’d be happy to give you a tour of the process on request.
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