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The ThermaPAVER® panel system is assembled beneath either pedestal mounted or ground mounted pavers or stones. It can be used under driveways, roads, patios, sidewalks, plazas, rooftop patios, entry ways, pool decks, and any other place where pavers of any size, shape, or material are used. ThermaPAVER® converts the surface into an invisible solar collector. ThermaPAVER® is ideal for geothermal snow melting, cooling patios or rooftops, and solar hot water. ThermaPAVER® is a heat exchange system that pays for itself. ROI can be as short as 3 years depending upon location and use.

ThermaPAVER® is a modular heat exchanger panel that evenly distributes a heating and cooling transfer fluid (glycol or water) through fractal flow channels to allow for even, efficient energy transfer across the entire panel surface. The 23.5" x 23.5 " panels connect in rows, using simple push on connectors. The rows are connected to send and return manifolds to form arrays.

When mounted on pedestals, standard architectural slab pavers are used, typically sized 23.5" to 24" square. When ground mounted, any size or
type of segmented paving material can be used such as interlocking pavers, cobblestones or flag stone.

Armaflex pipe insulation is used where appropriate to ensure a highly efficient transfer of heat energy.

The manifold system is custom designed for each project and is made using Aquatherm's Climatherm weldable PP-R pipe. Each row has a push to connect shut off valve on the send and return at the manifold to allow for easy installation and pressure testing. The removable push on connectors utilize robust EPDM D-rings making it easy to access the surface below the system, such as the roof or below grade utilities, as needed.
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