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Dinesen is presenting a unique solution that reveals the inner life of the oak tree. The unusually wide and long HeartOak® planks have an honest expression and tell a very special story.

With Dinesen HeartOak®, we make a virtue of the heritage and inner secrets of the oak tree. We process the tree in a gentle way and preserve the natural cracks, resulting from the impact of nature through hundreds of years.

As a particularly beautiful detail, the cracks are locked by dovetail joints of oak. The planks are produced in extraordinary dimensions with widths up to 0.5 metres and lengths up to 6 metres and are a very authentic piece of nature.

The old oak trees tell a very special story. The hard winters, dry summers, storm and wind they have lived through leave traces. Some of which can be seen in the annual rings and the size of the knots, while others appear only when the tree is sawn-up. During the cutting and drying process, the wood has to release the inner tensions from a long
life in the woods, leaving characteristic cracks in the tree. Actually, one can read the entire history of a tree from its middle.

Thomas Dinesen explains: “Oak trees have a uniquely rich personality. We pride ourselves in making floors that respect and preserve the personality of the original tree. With HeartOak® we make the best possible use of the large trees.

Anything else would be disrespectful to the huge oak trees which are normally between 150 and 200 years old”.
Dinesen HeartOak® contains all the vitality and strength one could wish for. At the same time, by preserving the cracks, the planks get a unique look and personal expression that gives a whole new range of possibilities.
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