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2012 BEIJING POLY AUTUMN AUCTION - Alice in Wonderland

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The dreamy wonderland, surreal mirage space, eyes through the red human-face-shaped chair, wandering in the wonderful natural world. Wonderland design is inspired by the classic fairytale of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Within the 3.6-meter-high white paper-folding space, there flows the designer's fancy of reality and dream, the alternative use of black and white, and the audacious use of bright red, emerald and wood colors endows the space with intense natural atmosphere. Under the stage backdrop by the skillful designer, each area functions like a small magic stage, where Mr. Rabbit guides the road, Alice questions closely and walks fast...
The dream stems from the human face shape of bright red coating Nemo Chair, the dramatic work of Italian designer Fabio Novembre . Through the eyes of human face shape, traveling from the reality to the unreality, to the fairyland of mystery and dream. Walking into the hallway, under the resilient and flexible environmentally friendly bamboo screen, there displays Kim Dong-wook 's (South Korean) 2008-year photography work of Plastic Syndrome IV, on which Mr.
Rabbit seems to continue his mission, trying to escape from human hands and catching up with time, transcending the reality and wandering in the free kingdom. The black and white triangle-pattern floors stretch to the floral-plant-butterfly-pattern woolen silk carpet, together with the butterfly sheers, emerald silk floor lamp, zebra-stripe couch, wood colored walnut four-legged stool, dazzling clown cabinet, and under the backdrop of lined triangle pattern, the clown magically controls the first dream stage. Amid birdsong and blooms, Alice dances with butterflies happily and walks fast. In the courtyard, under the twinkling tall white light god tree lies several different shapes of silver Digital Handcrafted Tables & Chairs, the latest design by China's independent designer Zhang Zhoujie in 2012, naturally bringing a surge of surreal sense of image. The red cock right in front crows the opening of day, and Alice stops her dancing. Under the light god tree, she walks through the courtyard into deep fantastic natural world. In the dining room, the various simple-lined modern and ancient cold-toned chairs, accompanied by three white terrines and three white crystal bubble lamps on the top ceiling, renders kind of cold and serious image. Here Alice reunites with her lovely old friends, learning that she shoulders the important mission, which is leading the inhabitants of this world to overthrow the evil ruler of Red Queen. Together with caterpillar, rabbit and Mad Hatter, they discuss the plight they face and how to fight against the evil. Behind the dining room is the bright red cloakroom, striking but elegant. The 100% woman silk dress designed by Lu Kun, the post-80s designer from Shanghai, symbolizes the rebirth of Alice. With the crowds around her, she finishes the mission and becomes queen. Sitting quietly in the beautiful swaying arc arm-chair, Alice gradually wakes up and realizes that all is just a dream.
Turning away from the eyes of human face shape, we come back to the noisy and quiet reality. The real space still exists, and the new story continues.
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