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Atrium House

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This house is sited at the business district on the west side of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. The south faces the road of width 8m though the building is adjacent to the west side and the north side of this house, and the east side places the month-to-month parking, and faces the trunk road of width 40m including the orbit of the tram. The site has a frontage of 7,5m a depth of 20m and is long and slender. The demand from the client enters natural light, is an airy house, relaxes there by the three generations family, can spend, and is a duplex house that an correspond to the change in the future. It is a house where family's privacy is defence from noisy street. As for constitution of the house, parents and the daughter live in the lower floor, and Mr. and Mrs. eldest son and the child live in the upper floor, and the intermediate floor is a piano room and a Japanese-style room. And, an atrium space with the glass roof where
each floor is connected is distributed to the center of the house. The second floor's and the fourth floor's bathrooms and the third floor's terrace put between an atrium divided the volume into a public space and private space. Whole windows and doors of each room are contacted with there. Therefore the whole building becomes one big space. An atrium that consists of these two spaces where the glass roof is laid is an interior of the building. However, with the same stones of kind as an outer wall, I made the space that was usable as both the interior and the exterior. Glass screen of the main street side and the lattice louver made by stainless steel bring light and wind, various expressions by the reflection to the interior. In addition, it obstructs the view from the exterior. Street scenery of grillwork to look at from the interior presents a lively sequence. This atrium takes in the sky and not only the nature but also cityscape interior well. The family feels each other's signs, and it is the place that sometimes keeps moderate distance as a buffering zone.
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