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Bio Urban Generator

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With current trend of climate change and population growth, human being might no longer have enough territory, food and water in the future. The development of a city turns nature into artificial cluster aggregate. Human population growth is in a way destructive, resource consuming and detrimental to the mother earth. In other word, we are very likely and easily lose what we have right now maybe just within certain coming generation. Skyscraper bolsters the image of a city with its iconic, extravagant and splendid characteristic. It acknowledges the civilization and capability of a city, a regime, even as a country. The densely development results in cement forest and mass labyrinth. Building mass stems from the ground and vastly consume all kinds of natural resources provided.

In between lives human being, the mighty animal figures to make a comfortable living but never seems to concern about the nature. Nevertheless, the concentration development means the sharing of resources and less traveling expense including time and money. It could also extend into the concept of optimization on resources. And
the skyscraper might become the best example for implementation of sustainability. In brief, the skyscraper can literally compress every function of the city into a building and at the same time maximize the site efficiency. The integration of technologies makes net-zero or net-positive energy building into reality. The vertical skyscraper has the potential to create even radical sustainable solution. Combined with urban farm and greenery system, along with net positive energy strategy such as solar power, wind turbine, water recycling, passive and active thermal control, natural ventilation and so on, the skyscraper becomes indispensable generator for living elements. In this case, not only do human consumes natural resources, but produces energy and living commodities in return. Furthermore, it provides functionally same amounts of usable space and creates more given openings on the benefit of urban fabric. Ultimately, human beings no longer taken away anything from mother earth, everything will be just part of the biological life cycle.
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