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FC Shakhtar Training Facility

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The new training facility for team Shakhtar will be as much a part of its public image as its performance on the field. Historically, sports facilities have been more like isolated camps, with training venues divided into separate buildings (gym, medical, residential functions, and football fields). These were typically used only for practices and were closed off from the public eye, however, new global relationships between press, fans and players demands these separate experiences be brought into much closer proximity. Given the imperative for media access, the new FC Shakhtar training facility concentrates the activities of the primary user-groups: players, coaches and staff, public and press within a highly efficient envelope. This new type of “publicized” facility will in no way however, compromise its primary function of training and maintenance of the players. Each user group has its own way through the facility except at crucial meeting points where press meets players and the public visual access to events and players–in–training. Where possible the players will not be hidden away but be an integral part of
the publicity, branding, and advertising of the team. The central public feature of this complex is “Shakhtar World”, which links outside to inside, the players to public and press, is the central lobby; a dramatic space that connects all functions of the complex, where the history and successes of FC Shakhtar will be celebrated.

Urban Planning
The Shakhtar Training complex functions like a city. It is connected to its surrounding landscape, and access to and from the building is directly related to the users’ needs. A Shakhtar player that enters the building on a daily bases possesses different requirements than a sponsor that only drops by on special occasions. Therefore the player’s entrance is located in vicinity to the parking and the field, arriving with his car he goes through the locker room to the training field. Within the building everyday functions like health and wellness are within easy reach. On the other hand, visitors, public and press ascend to the second level via an honorific walkway to the main lobby, bypassing the private team functions. This allows all team functions to be smoothly integrated into the existing topography.

A comprehensive green building system informs the Shakhtar Training facility. These may be classified in three major themes: building environment, collection and environmental impact. Sun studies indicate a beneficial use of natural glare-free lighting throughout the whole complex. An integrated built shading device in the south façade prevents overheating in summer and creates different gradient of light intensities. Natural light and solar gains will be present in the entire building. Likewise, cooling is only directed to the zones of actual occupation. Substantial cost and energy savings are accomplished by air-conditioning the people-filled locations rather than the complete space. The vast roof area allows for the collection of both water and solar energy. Water collection possesses a dual functionality. First, it supplies grey water for uses throughout the building. Second, it directs water to the surrounding vegitation.

The Shakhtar Training facility building structure is based on a hybrid system of a conformal column/slab structure and long spanning shells. The fluted columns and the roof are sculpted in reinforced concrete. Essential to the design are ribs that run along the surface to support the structural system. Construction of the training facility will utilize conventional cast-in-place technology coupled with mass-customized formwork.
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