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Gamesa is a multinational company engaged in the manufacture and maintenance of wind turbines for green energy production.

The building is situated in a micro-suburban landscape into a business park. This technology park is characterized by an implantation of buildings in isolation, in a green environment.

Surrounded by road links, the project responds as a great infraestructural milestone, as a large transparent tank. An autonomous geometry floating on a green hillside.


Carrying out an exercise of coherence and economy of means, the intention is to meet the requirements of the property with minimal resources:

-The visibility and positioning of the building.
- Interior nighttime lighting for safety.
- Transparency of the facade and interior-exterior bidirectional visibility.
- And, very important, reducing energy consumption of all facilities.


The project is proposed associating in its projective genesis reduction of energy consumption and typological requirements.
The circular shape of the plant, apart from internal functional advantages, helps optimizing the building form factor.
This cylindrical geometry reduces by 35% the facade surface over a rectangular building of similar functional characteristics.


We are located in the dominant part of the park (including modifications to the development plan). It is the top of a small green hill.

The building is seen from kilometers away, from the highway. The existing lighting in the immediate environment as an "urban fringe style": weak, unsaturated, orange and manufacturing.

The new tank-building acquires the nuances of a glassy-liquid solid, the deep green of the LEDs. This color is conjugated whit the green inner liners and is visible from the outside.

No corporate label is installed on the facade.
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