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Haagse Hogeschool

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The slogan ‘Smart girls are prepared for the future’ was once launched as part of a government campaign to encourage more women into technical education. By achieving a national first with the most sustainable school building in the Netherlands, the Hague University of Applied Sciences in Delft shows that this motto may even be more true for smart entrepreneurs. At a time when global changes in climate, ecology and the environment are everyday fare, sustainability plays a pivotal role in the challenge to leave a livable world to the present and future generations without depleting natural resources.

The new wonder, conceived by Royal Haskoning Architects, is characterized by ultramodern and sophisticated sustainable technology. As a result, the building is prepared for an energy-neutral future. Its power system is based on fuel cell technology, which uses a chemical process to convert hydrogen to energy. In addition, cold and heat are tapped and stored, a wind turbine has been installed on the roof, the building has a specifically designed system of open spaces and walking routes and thanks
to the atrium and the courtyard garden nearly every space in the building benefits from an abundance of natural light.

On the basis of close cooperation with architect Jorge Maura, Bolidt had the honour of providing the floor finish for more than 10,000 of the total of 19,000 m2 of floor area in this exciting futuristic building. The pre-eminent reason for choosing synthetic flooring was that the faculty will work with movable partitions. This means that in the future, the walls can be adjusted to the required size of the space concerned. The synthetic Bolidtop® flooring systems from Bolidt are durable and offer the same flexibility. If a change is desired, the flooring does not need to be removed, but it is simply sanded down and provided with a new top layer of either the same or another desired colour. With the Bolidtop® systems from Bolidt, the Hague University of Applied Sciences is clearly prepared for the future! The Bolidtop® 525 system has been applied in all public spaces, including hallways, staircases, classrooms and toilet areas. A number of technical classrooms feature the functionally stronger Bolidtop® 700.
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