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This project built in La Laguna (Tenerife), was thought to be a space that incites reflection, a meditation space, a intrinsic place, mystic, a MEETING POINT BETWEEN DIFFERENT CULTURES. A place where a person of any race, character or belief, can go to find himself in the temple, or join with other people in the cultural center.

The project starts from a big piece of concrete that is broken in four volumes, being separated from one another, as a result of these cuts made to the original piece and the relative movement of each piece independently. The light penetrates through these courts getting a special meaning, designed from the rationality and endowed with a profound theological root.

The building materializes austere, devoid of unnecessary elements that pose distractions away from their spiritual essence. The vacuum has been sculpted to the same measure that matter, getting the BALANCED PROPORTIONS OF THE PROJECT.

Exploiting the properties of concrete and relying on their isotropic nature will optimize ENERGY EFFICIENCY due to thermal inertia of the walls. It also do a study
of ACOUSTIC RESEARCH, thanks to the combination of CONCRETE WITH LAPILLI ARID and posterior stinger, reveals a rough surface that has a acoustic absorption degree clearly better to conventional concrete. Exterior, interior, structure, form, material and texture are joined inextricably by a complex study of the concrete.

Volumetric impact of the building and use of essential materials, concrete as a liquid stone and waterfalls of light, besides the possibility of phased construction for the four modules, let the temple OPTIMIZE ECONOMIC RESOURCES. Creating a timeless and emotion space.

Light Behavior

At dawn, in the early hours of sun, light through the cross behind the altar, a cascade of light symbolizes a opening inthe cave where Jesus was buried. A exhaustive and rational study of light illuminates eachof the sacraments, thechurch forming a deep theological roots.

In this sense, the first light of day, through the cross, lights the baptismal font, the firstlight of the Christian. At noon, across the ceiling, lights the altar, confirmation and eucharist. Soon after, a beam of light falls into the confessional on the sacrament of penance, illuminates the Word. The transition from darkness to light, from death to life.The strategic position of the celings achieves the same effect on the anointing, marriage and holy orders.

Acoustic Behavior

The lapilli, a widely material used in the Canary Islands is a volcanic material, highly porous, which provides a degree of acoustic absorption significantly higher at medium and high frequencies.

Its use as coarse arid in the preparation of concrete, and posterior stinger or bush hammered surface of it, reveals a rough surface that has a degree of sound absorption clearly superior to conventional concrete.

This technique can be used as sound-absorbing element in highly reverberant spaces, while respecting the materiality of space, it is not necessary to use common porous materials that introduce a distortion in the architectural design of the building.

The treatment of the walls of the Holy Redeemer Church with this type of concrete can significantly improve speech intelligibility.
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