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Leiden Educational Centre

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Opportunities in life are there to be seized, but it is at least equally important that they are given. As a precious gift to someone who needs it. The Leiden Educational Centre (Onderwijscentrum Leiden, abbreviated to OCL) is dedicated to doing this every day for dozens of students. They are prepared as best as possible to enable them to successfully make the transition to further education or employment. Thanks to intensive individual coaching and a high level of expertise, students are steered back onto the right track, towards a good future with self-confidence and positive ambitions. An important principle is to ‘preserve the good in the old’.

Regardless of whether it is considered old or not, Bolidt has been preserving the good in the old for 45 years already. Over the decades, this has resulted in valuable product improvements and developments. Bolidrain® is one of these innovative products and at OCL even its application is refreshing. Instead of in its usual application for roof car parks, Bolidrain® was used to create a roof sports area. It is
not suitable for intensive sport use, but serves to provide the students with an outlet for their excess energy. The seamless, economical system was received with great enthusiasm. The ground floor of the school building has been fitted with a Bolidtop® 700, which was not the most obvious choice either. This flooring system has been developed for industrial applications, but OCL was impressed with its extreme wear resistance and durability. It is indestructible, a classic, so to speak. The upper floor of the building, on the other hand, features the Bolidtop® 525 system, intended for aesthetic applications. Appearances also count, especially if you want to offer your students a long-term comfortable and attractive learning and working environment. But .. what about the ‘good in the old’? Although years go by with Bolidt flooring systems, they do not age. They stay as good as new for many years. OCL is happy to preserve the good: quality.
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