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Linsberg Asia Spa Therme Hotel

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“Linsberg Asia Spa Therme Hotel” in Bad Erlach, Austria, adopts Feng Shui and modern design

The new wellness hotel “Lindsberg Asia Spa Therme” located in Bad Erlach is embedded in an idyllic, almost pristine nature landscape. The four-star superior hotel, which opened its doors some 60 kilometers south of Vienna in August 2008, was erected on a sixhectare site with gardens, water worlds, therapy facilities, conference rooms and restaurants. In these noble suites, guests can relax in their own wellness refuge and enjoy a special kind of luxury.

Inspired by Asia

Like many proven Chinese traditions, Feng Shui is increasingly taking the western world by storm. In the past several years this lore of the Far East has developed into a key aspect of interior design. Its aim is to bring people into harmony with their surroundings.

In designing the new hotel, interior designer Cornelia Markus-Diedenhofen and her team from Reutlingen included this approach as part of the overall design concept. The result is a successful mix of Asian and European design. The interior designers created a
perfect combination of top-quality materials and exclusive, high-end equipment in line with Feng Shui rules and energy sources, creating an exceptional and individual hotel concept in the process.

The Far East influence permeates the entire design concept in a perfect symbiosis with European consistency. Even when entering the hotel foyer, guests are immersed in a special kind of atmosphere; Asian-style furniture, Chinese bronze figures, lengths of material on the ceilings, reminiscent of prayer streamers and, last but not least, a black, red and gold color scheme, support the Asian leitmotif.

Color and materials concept

Red represents the element of fire and is the color of happiness, warmth and power according to Feng Shui. Carpets in this color scheme and pillars in red mosaics greet the guest in the reception hall. Backlit red glass panes at the counter serve to highlight the bar section. In addition, accentuated traces of gold are to be found throughout the hotel. This color symbolizes value and wealth. Color combinations of red and gold are considered particularly favorable according to Feng Shui. Black Asian furniture accentuates the general atmosphere, with natural beige-brown hues rounding off the general color scheme as such.

Slate as a contiguous flooring material combines the individual sections and conveys European longevity. Fire elements in the bar, in the swimming pool and restaurant provide visual highlights. Designed as continuous wall niches, they allow a view from room to room through a haze of virtual blazing flames.

Natural in-house thermal spring

The “Linsberg Asia Spa Therme Hotel” had its origins in the discovery of an underground thermal watercourse that today feeds the new significance of an old location close to nature. The springs drilled and harnessed in 2004 provide mineral thermal sulfur-based healing water. The thermal and spa section comprises a total of 15,000 square meters in eight pools, various saunas, rest areas and a gym, providing exercise and relaxing moments. The exclusive spa section pampers guests with applications especially geared to Far-East wellness practices.

The conference section features top-quality technical equipment and is designed for 200 guests accommodated in five rooms. All conference rooms border on a vast garden landscape featuring Asian design. A Japanese garden pavilion is available for presentations or special events. East and West also meet in three modern styled restaurants – both in terms of interior design and menus, which provide a culinary, fruitful symbiosis of Asian cuisine and regional specialties. The 116 double rooms
with an area of 36 square meters each, six suites double this size and three long-term apartments with 67 to 82 square meters in size provide peace and relaxation at a high level.

Bathrooms for that special wellness feeling

The Asian-inspire interior design, combined with European flair and topquality materials, creates a stylish, luxuriant ambience in the suites and bathrooms. The six generously sized suites feature an open and friendly design. The bathroom and bedroom sections are not strictly separated from one another but have a harmonious interleading flow. A four-poster bed was freely placed in the room to allow positive energy to flow.

The bathrooms certainly are the centerpiece of interior design and represent the pinnacle of the suites’ design elements. The bathroom section was placed in the middle of the rooms like a kind of wellness temple, making it the central area for guests to relax and regenerate. Friendly, natural colors and suitably dimmed lighting provide a harmonious wellness atmospere. Materials in earthy natural hues, combined with gold and black, are to convey affinity to the earth and stability. A large circular opening in the wall creates a link between the bed and wash basin. The
circle as an infinite line is the Feng Shui symbol for unity and harmony and is deployed throughout the hotel as a perpetually recurring design element.

Positive energy

Water is a strong Feng Shui element and therefore ranks in the foreground of the generously designed bathrooms. According to the rules of Far East teachings, water attracts positive energy and can give vitality to rooms in this way. A special role in this context is the choice of mixers used: The double wash basins feature chrome-plated single-lever wash basin mixers from the Axor Massaud collection, the result of collaboration between French designer Jean-Marie Massaud and Axor, the design brand of Hansgrohe AG.

“I have the vision of complete harmony between humans, nature and space,” is how Jean-Marie Massaud describes his “Nature Inspired Designs” approach. A characteristic feature of the mixer indeed is the harmonious relationship between natural aesthetics and modern design, between organic and geometric shapes. In the process, the French designer always tries to find the perfect balance between space and product. For this reason, Jean-Marie Massaud no longer designs his objects as functional products, but as ritual sculptures, in which attention does not focus primarily on technology. This also applies to the almost 400 millimeter-wide single-lever wash basin mixer: its asymmetrically offset, generous space turns it into a shelving unit from which water pours into a wash basin in a natural, wide flood jet.

The largely symmetrical design of the double wash basin is intended to enable guests to find their own central inner peace and relaxation. The shiny, chrome-plated surface of the Axor Massaud mixers and black gloss varnish of the wash basis provide a sensible complement to the overall design concept since glossy surfaces intensify the flow of energy positively according to Feng Shui lore.

“The elegant mixer with the extra-wide flood jet reminiscent of the natural flow of water is a perfect match for the design concept,” says interior designer Cornelia Markus-Diedenhofen, who has focused on carrying out nationwide and international hotel projects with her team for 23 years now and has already received numerous awards for her work. Creating spaces as the reflections of an idea or a story with a view to giving the hotel a character of its own is what the interior designer perceives to be her key, central task. The implementation of her leitmotif in the new “Linsberg Asia Spa Therme Hotel” in Bad Erlach was particularly impressive.

The holistic interaction between consistent design according to the teachings of Feng Shui and modern design coupled with exclusive materials and facilities combines all sections of the hotel into a single, harmonious unit. At the same time, it defines the special luxury and the very own style of the “Linsberg Asia Spa Therme Hotel”. Aesthetics, maximum comfort and an agreeable, relaxing atmosphere – especially in the bathrooms – ensure that guests have an absolutely unforgettable stay.
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