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The purpose of the exhibition is to show ideas and projects conceived by different italian and foreign universities for the new museum of the Made in Italy. The museum will be built in Rome, hosted in the rationalist Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, one of the most popular icons of the city. The students presents twelve projects and twelve exhibition models that, prompted by stories or metaphors, express fresh ideas for the new museum.

The fascinating location of the exhibition is the roman stadium of Domitian, inaugurated in 86 AD, traceable in the cellars of the buildings surrounding Piazza Navona, in the heart of Rome. The exhibit design focuses on the contrast between a project speaking a contemporary language and the ancient scenario offered by the archeological site.
Being the client keen on comunicating the work-in-progress strategy that will lead to the new museum, the design has been conceived as a work-in-progress building site using scaffolding metal structures and under-construction materials. The suspended catwalk is an “architectural promenade” through the stadium ruins and, simultaneously, allows a theatrical view of
the projects. Each of them is represented by a plexiglass model mounted on a made-to-measure totem and an explanatory video. The overall effect is enhanced by a continuous orange wall running parallel to the suspended catwalk.

The presence of the exhibition is perceived from the outside of the building by a eye-catching red wall with holes to provoke visitors’ curiosity. Through the holes they can catch a glimpse of the exhibition, which lies 4 meters under the street level, and then, following the red tape on the floor and on the staircase, they reach the level below. Downstairs they are introduced to the new museum’s concept by videos and floor-to-ceiling panels painted in bright orange and then led to the catwalk where the exhibition journey begins.

Tags/Categories: exhibition design, visual design, architectural promenade, scaffolding, white, orange, catwalk,

Client: Fondazione Valore Italia, Rome
Place: Rome | Stadium of Domitian, Piazza di Tor Sanguigna 13

Designers: Paolo Cesaretti / Ondine de la Feld / Guendalina Di Lorenzo, Milan
Assitant: Eugenia Polazzini

Contractor: Ivano Martino
Photos: Stefano Stagni, Paolo+Stefano

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