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Mercedes-Benz Museum

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The Mercedes-Benz Museum is visible from a great distance in the rolling landscape around Stuttgart. The museum can be compared with buildings like the Pompidou in Paris Centre, the New National Gallery in Berlin and the Guggenheim in New York. These are all not just museums, but also classics when it comes to modern architecture. Architect Ben van Berkel of UN Studio has realized a worthy monument for a legendary car brand. The building is shaped like a three-leaved clover. This shape shows off the cars to their best advantage. Architectural firm HG Merz was also involved in the realization of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. This firm specializes in designing museums as a background for exhibitions.

In the past few years Ben van Berkel has chosen Bolidt for a number of eye-catching projects (including La Défense and the Erasmus Bridge). These good experiences and contacts have served as a stepping stone to renewed cooperation. The architects of the museum laid down very high technical requirements regarding the choice of flooring, but flexibility also played a major part.
Not every company has the capacity to realize such a large project in a short period of time. Bolidt met all the requirements, so the last step towards cooperation was taken as well.

The Bolidtop® flooring systems have been applied in all exhibition spaces, all theme spaces and in the foyer. In the lavatory rooms, both the floors and the walls were finished with the Bolidtop® system. The cars in the ‘races and records’ area are lined up on a sloping track. A very rough-textured system has been purpose-developed for this part of the exhibition. The synthetic finish makes sure that the racing cars stay in place on the track without without any securing.

The result of the cooperation is that a total of 14,000 m2 of floor and wall surface in the Mercedes-Benz Museum has been finished with synthetic systems from Bolidt. Once again, a team effort to be proud of!
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