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The construction of the Delft Research Center Nanotechnology is placing Delft at the forefront of activities in the field of nanotechnology. The ultramodern facility will also attract a high level of world-wide attention.

Nanotechnology is based on the dimensions of atoms and molecules: approx. one millionth of a millimetre. Already applied in microelectronics (pc, laptop, mobile phone), the continuation of the miniaturization trend is accelerating in, for instance, the medical field and in the agro-food sector.

The Delft Research Center Nanotechnology will have two main users: the Dutch organization for Applied Scientific Research TNO (Industry and Technology, specifically aerospace and chip technology) and the Delft Technological University (Kavli Institute of Nanoscience).

These primary users will move through this building over the Bolidtop® flooring systems. Bolidt installed special user specific high-tech floor finishes in this futuristic research complex. The building houses a total of 2,000 m2 of clean rooms, in which the air is kept extremely dust-free through special filters. Dust particles can seriously interfere with work on nano-scale. The classes of cleanliness vary from room to room, the
cleanest room containing not more than 100 dust particles bigger than 0.5 micron per cubic foot of air! The floor’s contribution to this is significant: no dust may be retained, let alone be formed!

In addition to the clean rooms there are various laboratories, experiment and work rooms. For these, Bolidt provided special electrically conductive flooring of the type Bolidtop® Stato 500: this seamless flooring is characterized by an extremely high reliability and a constant conductive quality. Even a matt version of this system has been created to counteract the reflection of light, in order to facilitate the production of advanced lenses and mirror materials with nano-precision.

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