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OPUS Taipei is located in the city’s fashion district. The previous use for this location was a garage and the space was converted into a small storefront during the economic recession.

The store is merely 2.3 meters wide and 4.5 meters long, which is about 10.5 square meters and is a very petite space. To overcome the size limitation of the store, we designed a perspective illusion by painting yellow color blocks (using OPUS' signature color) on white walls to create the impression of a deeper and wider space. The rhythmic yellow blocks run along the two opposite walls of the store and converged into a horizontal line on the back wall which is highlighted with a clock custom-designed by us.

To create a clean footprint area and minimize the feeling of clutter, we keep all the display function to the walls. Timbers of 4 different lengths line the two display walls to create an up–and–down visual effect and form an exhibition canvas to present the store’s collection.

The two display walls each has a theme and are
meant to serve different functions at the opposite sides of the store. When customers enter the store, the first wall they see on the right is the “Nature Wall” with its dramatic waves (created by the wood display stands) which invoke images of a natural landscape. This wall features the brand’s classic as well as seasonal collections. On the left side of the store, the “Urban Wall” has fewer timber stands and these are arranged less dramatically than its counterpart but are deliberately arranged to resemble a city skyline.

Six yellow bobbins are positioned on the upper portion of wall to indicate the cities that make up OPUS’ distribution network. This wall features the limited-edition products, and high stools are placed along this wall so it resembles a bar area where OPUS proprietors can use it as a meeting space with its vendors and distributors.
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