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Pathe de Kuip

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Recently, Pathé de Kuip was in the news throughout the Netherlands, as it had set a new record for visitor numbers: more than 13,000 film enthusiasts in one single day. According to a spokeswoman, it has never happened before that one cinema has sold so many tickets within twenty-four hours. Quite an achievement.

Pathé is the largest cinema operator in the Netherlands and with fourteen screens Pathé de Kuip is by no means the smallest. In order to quench their thirst for entertainment, about 1.5 million people walk into the entrance hall every year. Pathé de Kuip makes a valuable contribution, to say the least, to Pathé’s mission, which is to offer a superior film experience in a unique entertainment environment. Strategically, ‘Master of Entertainment’ Pathé supports this mission by positioning their product as ‘cinemore’ rather than ‘cinema’; by venturing off the beaten tracks when it comes to the concept of ‘film’. In practice, this has been translated into a wide range of activities such as Ladies Night, Pathé Docs (featuring in-depth documentaries), the screening of non-commercial
films, concert films and theatrical performances, Pathé Film Parties for children, The Metropolitan Opera (operas in New York screened via a live satellite link), Gay Night and bespoke corporate events.

With this in mind, it is easy to understand those 1.5 million visitors a year. It is just as easy to understand that this means that three million feet storm the entrance hall each year. This hefty foot traffic was the reason why, a long time ago, Pathé de Kuip chose the Bolidtop® 525 Deco flooring system, which is made to withstand extreme mechanical stress. Anyone who has ever visited the cinema knows that this decoflake-sprinkled floor used to sport the words ‘Welcome, self service Pathé!’, which had been incorporated into it during application. After all those years of loyal service, the floor was still not terribly worn. Pathé, however, felt that its look and feel could do with a facelift. An important factor in the choice they made then, has now proved its worth: it was easy and cost-effective to change and update the old floor in line with modern requirements by just applying one new top layer. A stylish, trendy Bolidtop® FiftyFifty immediately conveys the message ‘superior’ and is as good as new in terms of overall quality and wear resistance. That is ‘Master of Flooring’ Bolidt.
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