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Peachey House

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A landmark residential development in Ilford, East London has been created by Kerrington Developments with Architects CHBC. Peachey House is now spearheading the regeneration of this part of East London and setting the tone for all further building in the area. The development is focused on the massive restructuring and refurbishment of a large decaying 1970s office block and car parking area.

Landmark bringing together present and future environment
Simon Beaven, Architectural Technologist at CHBC explains, “The office block was formerly occupied by British Telecom and needed a huge overhaul in order to bring it into the 21st Century. Our brief was to make the building a local landmark, one which would bring together the present local environment with the regeneration plans for the future. We needed to use strong, dynamic and contemporary materials which would give the building an elegant and bold feel.”

What CHBC and Kerrington Developments have created at Peachey House is a 19 storey mixed use development, with a café and ancillary services on the ground floor, commercial offices on the first and
second floors, and one and two bedroom residential units to the remaining floors.

Simon Beaven continues, “Planning for the building had been granted in the 1990’s with an extravagant new shell scheme, but our client felt this approach was unworkable and too costly, so we looked for a new cladding product which would provide visual impact and complement the regeneration plans for Ilford. Our subcontractor, SIMCO, a specialist in building cladding, recommended we consider Rockpanel’s range of products.”

Creating a bold statement with Rockpanel Chameleon
CHBC were impressed with the Rockpanel range and in particular the Chameleon range which has been specifically developed for buildings where a bold aesthetic statement is required. It has a special, hard wearing crystal effect layer, and the colour of the panels changes depending on the direction of light and the angle from which the panels are viewed.

Simon Beaven continues, “Using Rockpanel Chameleon has been a vital factor in creating the bold statement we wanted for the building. To accentuate the North and South elevations at Peachey House, we used Rockpanel Chameleon, and on the East and West elevations we used a contrasting aluminium cladding together with glass balconies. What we have created is a striking modern building which will spearhead the regeneration of Ilford.”

Rockpanel is resilient and robust
CHBC and SIMCO were also impressed with the robust and low maintenance qualities of Rockpanel boards. Graham Smith, Managing Director of SIMCO says, “At nineteen floors high Peachey House needed to make use of a cladding material which would be resilient and robust, particularly at strong wind speeds. We have found Rockpanel to be excellent in this respect, and we have always been impressed with the product’s workability and easy to install nature. It can simply be cut and drilled on site with minimum fuss.

Rockpanel is also known to be extremely cost-effective especially compared with some of its competitors and the company offers excellent advice and back up, with readily available products.”

Rockpanel Chameleon has proven to be a major factor in the success of the Peachy House development and CHBC is delighted with the visual impact the building is now making in Ilford.

A symbolic landmark in the regeneration of Ilford
Simon Beaven concludes, “Peachey House is a unique new building which is succeeding in breathing new life and activity into the area. It is attracting new businesses and residents and is becoming a symbolic landmark in the regeneration of Ilford. Using Rockpanel Chameleon cladding has been key to achieving our vision to create an elegant and bold statement with Peachey House.”
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