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Unopiù in Wonderland

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For Salone del Mobile 2013 Ferruccio Laviani has created a wonderland à la Lewis Carroll, crowded by Unopiù creatures in the garden of Triennale, one of the most popular destinations of the Milan design week.

The flair and imagination of one of the main representatives of contemporary design, a visionary storyteller, will invite the audience to discover the attractions of a colourful, dreamlike universe nourishing and renewing itself through fantasy, drawing on the rich catalogue of Unopiù, leading company in outdoor design, which has realized the dreams of freedom and relax of outdoor life.

Seven small colourful gazebos – fuchsia, red, emerald green and light green, blue, yellow, orange – will host out-of-scale microworlds, hanging between reality and fiction: three conservatories will conceal privés with renown furniture and novelties of 2013, by proposing outdoor solutions for banqueting and relax. The remaining ones will host jungles of gigantic plants and flowers, several fantastic objects, animals and human figures or 700s-like anatomical tables, represented through large colourful and black and white drawings printed on panels hanging from
the ceiling.

Every structure will form the chapters of an outdoor fable, to be visited according to an order suggested by personal inspiration and sensitivity, by following wooden paths drawn on the green. On a special runway, défilé of Unopiù red chairs, hanging in the balance on light gibs, bent and inclined as if they’ve just emerged from the underworld.

c/o Giardino della Triennale
Viale Alemagna 6 - Milan
Tram 1,3 – Bus 61 – MM 1/2 Cadorna
09-14 April h. 10.30-22.00
08 April Press Preview 11.00-18.00
09 April Opening 19.00

Ferruccio Laviani interprets Unopiù
“I like to imagine that reality always has two sides, a little as if the part reflected in a mirror were to have infinite variations compared to the real image. What I really love about my work is that through an exhibition or an installation I am able to provide an unexpected, unusual, surprising version of things through a story or an experience. The “Unopiù in Wonderland” project is a transposition of the concept I have just described and like Alice who suddenly finds herself in a fantastic hallucinatory world, I have chosen to give the visitors the same emotions offering a “version” of Unopiù which is far from the one in which we normally conceive it. Using products from the Unopiù catalogue, yet giving them a special twist, we tell a story of an imaginary world, of retro collage, tropical interiors, chairs which float on a solid sea: a surreal world of products which dominate the garden and can be related to the metaphysical sculptures of De Chirico. Above this, we have created a terrace where visitors can pause and invent imaginary dialogues between the two installations.”
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