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Woody Creek Modern

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Overlooking the Roaring Fork River, the site is relatively flat with three mature cottonwood trees. The site’s inherent natural beauty inspired the orientation of the house, resulting in maximized views of the mountains and the river. The project encompassed four driving concepts; program, context, sustainability and indoor air quality. Simplicity and efficiency were paramount in achieving the client’s goals with a conservative budget. The program was organized around two intersecting boxes resulting in rational interior spaces and outdoor courtyards. The material choices were driven by the informal and rural context of Woody Creek: stained cedar, rusty metal, stucco and pre-weathered galvalume which will patina and recede into the wooded backdrop over time. Solar studies were performed to maximize the opportunities for passive solar and natural daylighting. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) were used in the exterior walls for their high insulation value and efficiency.

Sustainable components of this project include:

Minimal site disturbance  - new house on location of old house
Adobe flooring at main level - compacted earth with natural
linseed oil finish
Strand-woven bamboo flooring - low VOC and a rapidly renewable resource
Wool carpet - a renewable resource and ensures healthy indoor air quality
Low VOC paint
Retaining mature trees on lot
Minimal site disturbance  - new house on location of old house
Recycling construction debris - cardboard, wood, metal scrap
Planned solar array and solar hot water heating, providing 60% of the home’s energy and 100% of the home’s hot water
Energy 10 analysis performed by an energy efficiency consultant, producing recommendations for insulation, glazing and building orientation
Prefabricated Structural Insulated Panel wall construction reduces the amount of wood used for framing and has a very high insulation value
Super insulated, non-vented roofs - more efficient than vented attic construction
Sloped roof color is energy star compliant - reduces excessive heat gain saving up to 40% on heating and cooling costs
Metal roof material contains 30% recycled content and is recyclable
Blown-in wall insulation is made from recycled newsprint
Brise-soleils create passive solar shading in rooms with large amounts of glass
Integrated walk-off mat at entry improves indoor air quality
Stained cedar wood siding is a long-lasting material with insulating properties
Dual flush toilets
Millwork is fabricated without formaldehyde adhesives and binders
Natural limestone tile and recycled glass mosaic tiles
Energy efficient lighting and daylighting
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