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WTO - extension du Centre William Rappard

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The project is the sum of two well-defined architectural elements. The first element is the main volume, parallel to the existing building, which contains most of the functions required by the project. A clear, simple and compact volume which is characterized by the external facade. The volume, despite the large size due to the high demand of workspaces, is dematerialized through the glass facade effects. The glass facade, which consists of parts of mirrored glass alternate with parts of trasparent glass, creates a surprising effects of light and color games The effect of reflection and transparency is increased by the beautiful and huge trees surrounding the garden. The second architectural element consists of three irregular shaped volumes connecting the new main volume with the existing building and penetrating the two buildings. These volumes, which are architectural elements, host connections and common functions to both the new building and the existing one and create spaces of varying heights with a beautiful atmosphere. The volumes are also read on the main longitudinal elevation front and provide a visual
connection between the existing building and the surrounding garden
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