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Work with Workware.
Almost nothing is as basic as a chair. A good chair is a starting point for a marketing manager to devise his strategy, for a secretary to work out the minutes of a meeting, for a transport employee to put together his itinerary, for a visitor to wait and relax. A working environment is the place for chairs.
A good chair is ergonomically sound, functional, durable, comfortable and beautiful. Workware fits these conditions together. We produce chairs that work. For each working environment we find the right chair as we listen intently to our clients’ desires.

What does this entail?

Workware is like a spider in the middle of a large web. Its threads combine a network of suppliers, designers, a logistical organization and a service organization. Depending on the assignment, Workware can deliver the chairs you like, starting from the design and production to placing them in your working environment. During every step in this process, Workware mixes the right means and people to provide a stunning result. Flexibility is one of the key ingredients in
this process.
Workware is a core organization, proud of its short lines of communications.

If you have any wishes or ideas when it comes to chairs, just contact us directly. Our flexibility can also be found in the execution of our products. Fabrics, colors and even the final assembly can be done as you prefer it.
Workware has a firm, Dutch (production) base, but our network is international. We work with international designers and suppliers, but we make our own designs as well. The combination of all these partners, with Workware as an agile centre player, makes us a solid party in the arena of project furnishing.

We know how to combine speed, quality and service and we’re great people to work with!

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