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This system was specially developed to fulfill the needs of modern architecture. It is suitable for large entrance doors while maintaining the same minimalist design language that defines HYLINE.
Despite the large dimensions of the vents it ensures a silent and effort free utilization. The hardware used in the HYPI system is fully hidden, allowing for a perfect framing of the surrounding landscape.
Further customization is possible according to client demands.
After all, in HYLINE details make the difference.
- Perimetral multipoint closures possibility;
- Double perimetral seal;
- Automatic operation available.
Also available as HYPIWOOD, a version with wood finishing.

Material: aluminum, wood and glass.


Dimensions: up to 2,5m width and 5,0m high

Maximum Height*: up to 750 kg per vent

* Available with HYPI 3D concealed IR Pivot Driver-S-box

Glazing (maximum area): 18m2

Maximum weight: 1000kg/ML


Opening Options:




Locking and Security System:

Integration of a key lock, thus ensuring greater security. The cylinder can be offset on the wall laterally or frontally allowing to make the structure invisible.


Multi-point Lock:

HYLINE offers as standard a multi-point closure. The mechanism is completely hidden in the aluminum structure. Each point is individually adjustable.


Finishing Options:

HYLINE Colour Essentials (Ral Colores STD)

HYLINE Natural Metals (Qualanod EURAS Class 2 STD)

HYLINE Advanced Coating (Hiper Durable Finishings)

HYLINE Luxury Collection under Qualicoat Seaside Standards


IGU double glazing (1.0 W m2 K) Intercalaire Low e: 1.3 W m2 K


IGU triple glazing (1.0 W m2 K) Intercalaire Low e: 0.98 W m2 K


Locking Devices:

Shear magnetic door lock (350kg retaining effort). Option: Cutless power supply system (CPS).

Magnetic lock with push button/digicode or digital scanner.

Finger Scan.

Mechanical multi point adjustable.


Security Active Devices:

Contactor alarm burglar resistance mechanism.

Anti-finger pinch with deformable joints.


Axial Position of the Pivot:

Excentric position on the vent: Min 250mm from the lateral fixed mullion.

Simetric position of the pivot axe 1/2 width dimension.



Low maintance pivot device adjustable with a minimum of intervention.

No additional lubrication requested.

Heavy duty usage: Classe 6 EN 12400. Up to 500,000 cycles.

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