ULMA drainage channels have been installed on Via Sparano, Bari's main shopping street.

ULMA Architectural Solutions en tant que Drainage Systems.

The main avenue in the Italian city of Bari, capital of the Puglia region, has been immersed in restoration works. ULMA Architectural Solutions has supplied channels with high hydraulic capacity for rainwater drainage along the entire avenue (800m).


Two systems have been chosen: the EUROSELF system and the U system, both with single-slot grating in 30/10 galvanised steel, calibrated for fast, perfect alignment. We can highlight that with the use of this type of grating, the drainage system blends in perfectly with the urban architecture, without affecting the planned aesthetic finish for the street paving.


Thanks to the collaboration with the Bari-based company IdrotermSrl, it was possible to guarantee a comprehensive supply and consultancy service, which, together with the quality of ULMA's products, has allowed the executing company to optimise the duration of the installation, in line with the deadlines set.



Guaranteeing a product with high technical requirements was the main reason for selecting ULMA for this project, since our material, polymer concrete, has the following exceptional characteristics:


Compressive strength [1,000 kp/cm²]

Flexural strength [250 kp/cm²]

Corrosion and abrasion resistance

Smooth surface capable of guaranteeing effective drainage

Self-cleaning effect

Virtually zero water absorption index rate

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