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Project • By CONTRERAS EARL ArchitectureApartments

272 Hedges Avenue Pedestal

Rising 44 storeys above its beachside setting, 272 Hedges Avenue presents an unfolding experience of architectural elegance and unparalleled amenity, with the design of the pedestal inspired by the natural forces of the project’s coastal location. Peter Sexty Australian property developer Sunland Group appointed Contreras Earl Architecture to design the two-storey pedestal base for the Mermaid Beach tower, including the interior and communal areas. Inspired by patterns of wind and water on rocks and sand, the exquisite design brings a human scale to the ground plane of the tower and creates an engaging, sculptural connection with the streetscape and parklands. It marks the transition between the coast and urban edge, and the sea... More

Project • By Unique Bespoke WoodApartments

Bespoke Herringbone Parquet Flooring

Absultely stunning our sanded, special finihsed herrignbone parquet flooring. The herrigbone block size was made to client specifications, to fit they interior design idea best.   Bespoke Solid Oak Wood Stair treads produced to much our herringbone parquet flooring and fitted over the metal frame. To order free parquet flooring samples or quotes clink the link bellow ???? Parquet flooring supply and installation UK. Delivery Worldwide!!!   More

Product • By KEUKEU1


Have you ever imagined what your life would be like in a smart mobile home? Or even better, imagine what it would be like to have your translucent smallholding and in just 30 minutes be able to enjoy a luxury home with the latest technology and fully equipped to live in it. Surely you had not imagined it because the mobile home as we had known it until now was for vacation use and not residential. For that reason, KEU1 is born. KEU1 is a different, durable home, with the highest energy efficiency, equipped with the latest construction systems and equipped down to the smallest detail. Inside we find two retractable day-night rooms, that is, the rooms of the house that are transformed as the hours of the day go by. Manufactured under the Eur... More

Project • By Sepidar Architecture GroupApartments

Pichak Apartment

Early human settlements met the most basic human needs, such as physical shelter, and so there was a very close coexistence between human shelter and nature. Human progress also led to fundamental changes in his dwellings, and metaphysical and psychological needs were added to these human desires, and humans also tried to achieve these desires along with nature. Caption With the advancement of science, the distance between nature and human homes has widened, and pollution and psychological damage to the nature of homes and residences have brought technology. Today, in modern cities, everyone is trying to bring at least part of nature back to their homes. Caption Therefore, in the formation of the initial ideas of this 7-storey b... More

Project • By Laboratorio Italiano DesignPrivate Houses

Casa 0139

Casa 0139 is the restyling and spatial remodeling of a precious villa in the Bergamo area.Crossing the entrance threshold, the glance is immediately stolen by the wooden paneling that surrounds the walls, hiding or showing rooms or details, depending on the wishes and needs. Caption The boiserie, characterized by delicate horizontal incisions that maximize its movement, continues until it meets the other noble material of this project: marble - brushed Istria Yellow. Caption Marble, co-protagonist of this project, is the leitmotif of this top: it gradually inserts itself, at first with the plinth, interchanging with the wood, and then appears in all its splendor on the sides of the hearth with water-etched plates with an organic... More


Haus in Erl

The house in Erl is in a residential area with one house after the next. The property has a slight slope that rises from west to east. Set back a little from the street, the building adjoins the western boundary with an entrance and a wide garage driveway. From there it develops in length and gently blends into the small-scale building structure. Gustav Willeit Gustav Willeit The residential building is divided into two wings - one on the street and one on the slope. In between there is a narrow connecting part. Using this U-shaped floor plan, it is possible to create a building that is organized around a private inner courtyard. It opens to the south and becomes the central outer space. Gustav Willeit Gustav Willeit... More

Project • By VM ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Axial House in Vadakara, Kerala by VM Architects

The Axial House is one of the best examples of contemporary architecture designed and executed by VM Architects under the helm of Architect Vinay Mohan. Mr. Vinay Mohan is the Founder and Principal Architect at VM Architects is known for his out-of-the-box contemporary architecture style, with more emphasis on Nature and Green Architecture. His latest project The Axial House too follows the same pattern. Caption The Axial House is the result of functional and innovative architectural techniques combined with eco-friendly designs. When it came to building his dream home, the client, Dr.Libin Balan, the now owner of the Axial House had a clear image in mind – he wanted to have a soothing habitable space with all the modern ameniti... More

Project • By LAARHousing

Winter House

“Winter House” is a single residential unit whose main goal is being a shelter and a setting for the enjoyment of the land property’s pristine privileged nature, such as the outdoors and the country lifestyle. These are the main reasons why the blueprint is organized into four blocks, linked through the occupants’ control of permeability from the inside-out of the residence, for the layout to approach thanks to the textures accomplished on the volumes, rifts and spans, into dynamic filters which extent or restrict spaces in order to the necessities.    Towards the avenue arises a language of materials which holds the sincerity of the natural elements, such as stone and wood, and whose spans emphasize the... More

Project • By Sovet ItaliaHotels

Riverton Hotel

Overlooking the Göta älv river that flows through the city of Gothenburg, Riverton is one of the most renowned and luxurious hotels in the city. Sovet participated in the interior re-styling project with several complements from its collection, in particular the Slim, the Swan and the Piktor coffee tables collections for the suites. Piktor was also included in the wellness area.  The Slim console completes the elegant and spacious conference area. The available finishes allowed to use the same color palette for all Sovet products offering an aesthetic "fil-rouge" in the different areas. The Riverton lounge area, located on the top floors of the building, offers a wonderful view on the city and the charm of the space is enrich... More

Project • By Murat GedikVillages

Villa No23

It is a residential building near a lake within 923 m2 area. It has been designed as a villa for an artist couple. The villa has two floors and two different masses designed at different heights considering functions. In the first mass,there are daily living spaces (rooms), and in the second mass, there is a painting area with a storage. Between these two masses,there is an entrance doorway area with high ceiling and daylight. The second mass includes bedrooms. The connection between these sections was provided by a steel bridge. On facede, composite facade covering and sandy basalt are used. More

Project • By CORPUS ARCHITECTSPrivate Houses

Villa "Hills site"

Villa "Hills" is located in Smolyan, Rhodope mountains. It is a two story house, with elegant and modern appearance. The house "sits" on a slope looking towards a beautiful mountain view.  On the first floor there is a living room with large windows, dining space and a relax zone with a fireplace. On the second floor there are two bedrooms with large open terrace looking towards the surrounding forest. More

Product • By A-Class MarbleFiandre Range : Amazonite

Fiandre Range : Amazonite

Add a splash of color to your next design! Our Fiandre range amazonite stoneware is an elegant option for your space available as tile and slabs. More

Product • By A-Class MarbleFURIFORMATO Range : Metal Skin

FURIFORMATO Range : Metal Skin

Create a textured feature wall or splashback in your home this season with these striking Metal skin porcelain Tiles.Use these tiles to inject a rich, warm look into your interior spaces this season. More

Product • By A-Class MarbleFiandre Range : Cinder Resin

Fiandre Range : Cinder Resin

Fiandre range Cinder Resin stoneware are perfect for introducing a lavish and exclusive look into your interior spaces. This distinctive tile is ideal for bathrooms and floors and is available in a range of sizes More

Project • By AMBIGRAM ARCHITECTSPrivate Houses

Belsize Park 1

This is a luxurious renovation of a large detached Victorian villa in NW3 Belsize Park, North London. We were approached to transform a dilapidated property with 2 flats into a single-family dwelling. This included major works that only retained the four elevations with a new superstructure with services and a complete internal re-modelling of the property with a double garage. The brief was to create a contemporary home for a family of three with a drawing room, media room, open-plan kitchen, dining space, playroom, bespoke garden, wine cellar and five double bedrooms and bathrooms. We also gained planning for a full basement development below the existing footprint of the house and garden but that was never implemented. A daring double... More