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Product • By KEUKEU1


Have you ever imagined what your life would be like in a smart mobile home? Or even better, imagine what it would be like to have your translucent smallholding and in just 30 minutes be able to enjoy a luxury home with the latest technology and fully equipped to live in it. Surely you had not imagined it because the mobile home as we had known it until now was for vacation use and not residential. For that reason, KEU1 is born. KEU1 is a different, durable home, with the highest energy efficiency, equipped with the latest construction systems and equipped down to the smallest detail. Inside we find two retractable day-night rooms, that is, the rooms of the house that are transformed as the hours of the day go by. Manufactured under the Eur... More

Project • By Alan Enríquez | ArquitectoApartments

High Towers - El Campanario

15-level tower with Residential Homes located in Querétaro. The project arises from the idea of making the most of its location, being on top of a hill, it has spectacular scenery of the city of Querétaro. Therefore, the architectural response seeks to frame the view through a volume that contains the amenities for public use and thus provide an unforgettable experience for all those who visit the building. More