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NewsNews • 25 May 2022

Immersive Golong Wormhole visually represents the transformative nature of a beauty and wellness brand

In Hangzhou, China, the Golong Wormhole by PINES ARCH is an experimental space for events and exhibitions. The space allows for flexible programming and a striking visual that represents the transformative brand of Golong, a beauty and wellness conglomerate.  Breeze Image-Guozhe The project comprises three interdependent interconnected gallery spaces with the wormhole, an immersive space that tied the galleries together, serving as the exhibition’s anchor point. The wormhole is the only part of the concept that is not rectilinear, instead featuring a sinuous geometry that undulates in a shell-like manner that suggests both motion and speed.   Breeze Image-Guozhe During events, the Wormhole can accommodate ap... More