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Product • By NormoPure 20 | black

Pure 20 | black

Minimalist pendant with a nordic style available in 3 finishes. Also available in floor and wall versions. More

Project • By xzoomprojectPrivate Houses

Modern villa interior design Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Ultra modern interior design for a villa in Saudi Arabia, near Riyadh, that was recently finished by [xzoomproject] design studio. The villa is on 3 floors. Includes Majlis, Living room, Dining room, Dirty kitchen. Caption Only natural and sustainable materials applied for the finishes, like rare marble and wood panels. xzoomproject Fancy marble staircase in the hall with unique Calacata marble wall panel. Steps with backlight to provide flying step effect. Caption Basement floor is for public audiences accommodating Man cave, Banquet hall, Soft sitting zone and decorative garden with skylight void.  Caption   More

Product • By KEUKEU1


Have you ever imagined what your life would be like in a smart mobile home? Or even better, imagine what it would be like to have your translucent smallholding and in just 30 minutes be able to enjoy a luxury home with the latest technology and fully equipped to live in it. Surely you had not imagined it because the mobile home as we had known it until now was for vacation use and not residential. For that reason, KEU1 is born. KEU1 is a different, durable home, with the highest energy efficiency, equipped with the latest construction systems and equipped down to the smallest detail. Inside we find two retractable day-night rooms, that is, the rooms of the house that are transformed as the hours of the day go by. Manufactured under the Eur... More

Project • By Photoshoot.ptHousing

Casa SM

The conceptual basis of the project arises from the creation of volumes with different levels that are interconnected, creating different exterior and interior spaces along the smooth topography of the land. Caption A simple blueprint composition reinterprets the sensitive relationship with the place where it is implanted. Caption   The spacious and bright interior spaces, through their design, the relationship between natural light and the chosen materials, reveal a certain balance and serenity. The house is organized in a coherent way, distributing the social areas on the 0th floor and the private areas on the 1st floor. An interior patio breaks the central volume of the House and becomes a more intimate space that accen... More

Project • By Articolo LightingHousing

Glenferrie Residence

This beautiful period home has been lovingly renovated to take in the natural light of its surrounds. The open plan and subtle tones make for warm and inviting living spaces and offer a comfortable retreat from its inner-city location. Caption Caption Working closely with the owners, we were able to ensure the finished product stayed true to their vision, whilst complimenting the character and style of the time. Caption Caption More

Project • By HabibiearsPrivate Houses

15x20 Minimalist House

This design is a conceptual one made based on a request from a random Youtube subscriber. The spaces inside include three large bedrooms, a living room, family room, service room, toilets, garage and a swimming pool. The appearance of the facade is made using a minimalist style by using simple shapes, with variations of glass material wrapped by secondary skins in the form of openwork/mashrabia style. The main materials used are brick walls with double plaster, some concrete slabs, and of course; curtain wall made of glass and aluminum frame. More

Project • By Whipple Russell ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Walker Road

William MacCollum   This three-story house sits on five acres atop a small hill at the end of a winding drive in the Great Falls area of Virginia, a suburb of Washington D.C. The clients were familiar with Marc’s West Coast work and wanted his talent for framing vistas brought to their view of treetops and distant valleys. William MacCollum They also wanted an economical, modern house of a certain size, and left Marc to design a floor plan that was simple, beautiful, and livable. William MacCollum   The area features mainly traditional homes, but the site being so large, with no close neighbors, the clients felt free to build a fully modern home with lots of glass, through which to enjoy the spectacular s... More

Product • By AxolightU-light acoustic pendant

U-light acoustic pendant

Collection consisting of wall lamps, ceiling lamps and suspended lamps in aluminium. Available in several sizes and colours: anthracite grey and rust brown. Built-in dimmable LED light source. The pendant version has also sound-absorbing properties that make U-light a lamp with excellent acoustic performance. More

Product • By AxolightUrban - Ceiling

Urban - Ceiling

Collection consisting of aluminium ceiling lamps and suspended lamps. Available in several colours and sizes Built-in dimmable LED light source.  More

Product • By AxolightU-light - suspension

U-light - suspension

Collection consisting of wall lamps, ceiling lamps and suspended lamps in aluminium. Available in several sizes and colours: anthracite grey and rust brown. Built-in dimmable LED light source. More



Block colours, frames, cubes & hidden spaces features in a 100 sqm renovated apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv.  Yael Perry was initially asked to create private spaces that will be able to transform & be a part of the public space as well as working spots at the living area. all internal partitions were removed & new custom made carpentry & pivot doors redefined the private spaces. A 6 meter floor-to-ceiling unit defines the master suite by wooden panelling & metal frames including integrated wooden closing system. At the master bathroom, 3d cubes were custom made for wet & dry seats. The cubes were covered with pink acrylic plaster to suit the humid climate and create a rough seat in the shower. The kitc... More

Project • By IN-EXPATHousing

The Loft Box

With a clean, white interior, the Loft Box is a minimalist's dream come true that goes beyond the conventional floor plan. While simplicity reigns in this home, a complex configuration of spaces ensure it’s bright and spacious inside out. False ceilings were removed in favour of a double-volume loft space, bringing fresh air and diffused light into the interior. More

Product • By Asa PingreeKnockabout Lounge Chair

Knockabout Lounge Chair

The Knockabout lounge is a piece that drapes radiuses over a sling chair form that feels relaxing just to look at. The experience physically is similar; sinking into a deep repose is immediate and unavoidable. The chair can even accommodate two if you are willing to share. Comfortable with or without a cushion or with a small pillow and a throw, this piece has versatility that includes indoor or outdoor use. More

Project • By jihad khairallah architectsOffices

EKP Offices

The interior architecture is minimalist but thoughtful, with attention to every little detail, every single tone, nuance and material in the space has been carefully selected to create a harmonious, precise and natural feel with haptic qualities. The 3D faces wall at the main entrance creates an animated experience while walking across it in the reception area, it reflects the diversity of cases handled by the office team. A monumental stair links the 2 floors, creating a center piece sculpture.A palette of wood and plaster in muted tones creates an informal, home-like environment that is more akin to a lounge than an office. More

Project • By Atelier Tobia ZambottiApartments


Atelier Tobia Zambotti designed a minimalist-pop apartment in Reykjavík, an exotic oasis in the northernmost capital of the World. The design, from the layout to the choice of colours and finishes, addresses the problem of living in the North by creating clean and simple spaces enlivened by exotic touches and accents of colour. It reflects the client’s easy-going lifestyle by playing with ingenuity and eccentricity within a stark framework of white surfaces and bespoke italian furniture. The design baseline, with its aseptic clean lines and finishes, acts as a background for the key features to come into prominence, along with the life that will inhabit these spaces, of which the numerous plants are just the first sign traced... More