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Product • By KEUKEU1


Have you ever imagined what your life would be like in a smart mobile home? Or even better, imagine what it would be like to have your translucent smallholding and in just 30 minutes be able to enjoy a luxury home with the latest technology and fully equipped to live in it. Surely you had not imagined it because the mobile home as we had known it until now was for vacation use and not residential. For that reason, KEU1 is born. KEU1 is a different, durable home, with the highest energy efficiency, equipped with the latest construction systems and equipped down to the smallest detail. Inside we find two retractable day-night rooms, that is, the rooms of the house that are transformed as the hours of the day go by. Manufactured under the Eur... More
Mobile Hut

Project • By ARTIKUL ArchitectsHousing

Mobile Hut

Mobile hut is the result of the search for a new form of mobile living. It is a designer house providing complete comfort for living with one difference – it is possible to “pack” and transport it anywhere you want. The aim of this product which is halfway between architecture and design is to open new ways of temporary living in exorbitantly expensive cities and in places where it is usually not possible to build. The dwelling is in harmony with the current trend of nomad lifestyle trend and offers its users the possibility to escape from stereotypical habits of the consumer society and get closer to the nature. The form of the house follows the shape of archetypal house with gable roof. Glossy aluminium covering is a pe... More

Project • By PAD studioPrivate Houses

Chestnut Farm

Chestnut Farm is nestled within a secluded woodland clearing, in the depths of the historic New Forest National Park. The site gently slopes away offering views over a natural pond and surrounding woodland. Capturing the uniqueness of this rural setting was a key design consideration and how this home became rooted to the particularity of its place.    PAD studio was responsible for designing a series of buildings and landscape interventions on site; the main home, working stables, workshop as well as a vegetable garden and outdoor kitchen. The location of each was carefully planned to foster and enliven links and dialogue between the structures whilst also taking advantage of the site to create both intimate and expansive views... More

Project • By Vizdome SpaceHousing

Baba Yaga`s Hut On Chicken Feet

Introduction   It’s difficult to find a place for comfortable life in contemporary cities. Global urbanization and decrease in the number of really affordable housing are the modern tendencies. Although the idea of constructing more low-rise buildings was recognized prospective and humane, developers often don’t follow these rules, and the cities continue to grow upwards and to press with their giant scale upon the citizens. Also the idea of coliving is developing. But it is not appropriate for everyone; the sad experience in the use of dormitories and communal apartments in the Soviet Union proves it completely. Coliving is more suitable for very young people under 25 years. There are also some problems with work space.... More

Project • By PAD studioExhibitions

The Exbury Egg

The Exbury Egg is possibly the first water borne artist’s studio, designed to combine art, architecture and sustainability of a fragile marine environment. Artist Stephen Turner, who specialises in long term artistic explorations of environmental settings, has worked with the designers to create the Egg which he will now use as a ‘residency’, floating in the Beaulieu Estuary for a year, to examine the changing patterns of its marine ecology, while making artworks inspired, influenced and informed by his surroundings. This ambitious project tests the role of artists and architects in sensitive places and contributes to raising awareness of the importance of protecting places like the Estuary. The project is led by art, architecture an... More

Project • By Nice&wiseHousing


Ecocapsule The first truly independent micro-home Ecocapsule is smart house powered by purely the solar and wind energy. It allows people to reach the frontiers with the luxury of the hotel room. It can serve as cottage, pop-up hotel or even as charging station for electric cars. Extended off-grid stay Ecocapsule is equipped with dual power production system bypassing periods of low energy production and massive battery capacity allowing to store surplus energy for later usage. Spherical shape of the Ecocapsule is carefully formed to maximize collection of the rain water and morning dew. Membrane water filters installed in the Ecocapsule are devised to purify 99,999% of the bacteria and rendering any natural water source suitable for... More

Project • By dmvA ArchitectenIndividual Buildings

Blob vB3

The design dmvA made for the office of XfactorAgencies, as an extension to the house, was relentlessly rejected by local building regulations. Used to working with limitations and blurring these boundaries at the same time, dmvA answered by designing a mobile unit, a blob. As a mobile construction and holding a high dose of art, it skirted round the strict building codes. AD&C, as a builder, worked 18 months on this project, resulting in this smooth looking egg. Started by building a timber frame, covered it up with a stretching material and plastered with polyester. Shaped by sanding the polyester time and time again. Inside, the space was built up with niches. The space in between the outer in inner shell was filled up with PU... More

Project • By Cannatà e FernandesBars

Nautic Club of Aldeia Do Mato

The project of the of the Aldeia do Mato’s Nautic Club in Abrantes, is a consequence of a process of building two prototypes with characteristics of self-sufficiency. This module is designed for excellence to be installed in places that do not allow major changes in terms of construction and environment, for example, in parks, where construction is contrary to the principle of the park in areas already held, on beaches, in areas virtually where it is not possible for various reasons have access to infrastructure. Each module is based on the width dimensions of 3.00 by 9.00 compliance with a scouring 27m2. This structure is intended to be previously prepared without offering any work on the site where they will be installed, and must b... More

Project • By AllergutendingeIndividual Buildings


The dream of Arcadia has been deeply rooted in European culture for centuries. On the one hand the term describes a real swath of land in antique Greece. On the other hand it is an idea for an emotional hideaway, to live in harmony with yourself and nature. Like the idea of Arcadia the Spirit Shelter consists of two main parts. The research section provides tools to discover the physical world, the wilderness. In the sleeping section there is space for meditation and self-exploration. In order to find one‘s personal Arcadia the Spirit Shelter is designed mobile. The wood frame construction can be disassembled and transported to any scenery. More

Project • By Schemata Architects / Jo NagasakaIndividual Buildings


PACO is... Box of 3m x 3m x 3m cube. And the roof open. It has the minimum equipment to live in spite of all its size. We produced it as a conceptual model to imagine a new life style. house + paco factory + paco sea + paco mountain + paco Depends on the combination,it describes different life style and landscape. We want to make it independence by a simple substance. We need the technical skill of infrastructure free.It is possible in the field of technical skill,but it is not practical at this time. First of all,we present our vision as a designer in order to cover the gap. More

Project • By Renzo Piano Building WorkshopIndividual Buildings


Diogene, named after the antique philosopher Diogenes who is said to have lived in a barrel because he considered worldly luxuries to be superfluous, is a minimalist living unit which functions completely autonomously as a self-contained system and is thus independent of its environment. With a surface area of 2.5 x 3 metres when fully assembled and furnished, it can be loaded onto a lorry and transported anywhere. Whereas “Diogene’s” exterior corresponds to the image of a simple house, it is in truth a highly complex technical structure, equipped with various installations and technical systems that are necessary to guarantee its self-sufficiency and independence from the local infrastructure: Photovoltaic cells and solar modules, a rainwa... More

Project • By Altro Studio - Anna Rita EmiliHousing

Absolute Box

The human body, as well as the architectural one is an hypothesis to be run, for it involves all the fields of knowledge analyzing changes, associations and alienations (whether they are architectural, social, territorial, philosophical, anthropological etc) which the individual inhabits, runs, changes, crosses, far away from home. The house, or the box (as a too generic and banal expression used to indicate the more complex living systems whether they are built in series or just one by one) conceived to satisfy and to protect our being in the world, indeed it can just isolate us taking us away from the surround. Trying to cover the distance a man gets into a cardboard box, in which he cut out a fissure, and walk around the city. "So... More

Project • By ArchiworkshopExhibitions

Glamping by

Glamping Architecture by offers a unique camping experience. Two types of Glamping units with contemporary design positioned in the middle of gentle korean nature. From the Glamping site, you have a view of the valley, miles of forest and the stream. Concept: Why not create a Glamping that gives people a chance to experience nature closer, while also providing a uniquely designed architecture experience? These questions led to the creation of Glamping Architecture in Korea – a place where nature, ecological values, comfort and modern design are combined for an exciting adventure. We developed two types of Glamping units. Stacking Doughnut unit is inspired from pebble stones. And Modular Flow unit is designed for... More

Project • By LEAPfactoryResearch Facilities

LEAP – living in nature on tip-toe

This, the first alpine refuge of the latest generation, provides the optimal combination of comfort, safety and respect for the environment. It was installed in mid October on the Freboudze glacier, in front of the spectacular East face of the Grandes Jorasses of the Mont Blanc Range. It is now ready for use by mountaineers and climbers. The Gervasutti refuge was commissioned by CAI Torino, the Italian Alpine Club. Under the guidance of SUCAI the subsection of CAI Torino and the Ski Mountaineering School, the project was realised thanks to the works team coordinated by the project managers Luca Gentilcore and Stefano Testa. The refuge represents the pinnacle of achievement of LEAPfactory, (the acronym means Living, Ecological, Alpine Po... More

Project • By Maurer United ArchitectsHotels

Guesthouse Belvedere 2.0

Temporary is literally the opposite of sustainable. Despite this, temporary structures can be a lot more environmentally friendly over time than traditionally built projects. By applying a modular grid it’s possible to make very flexible designs that are completely prefabricated in a factory before they are taken to the construction site for final assembly. This working method produces moveable buildings, less refuse and transport and consequently lower carbon emissions. The challenge with this concept of radical sustainability lies in the development of a synthesis between architecture and modular construction methods. More