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Product • By Tomoaki Uno ArchitectsTULH-05 STEEL LEVER HANDLE


Simple and beautiful handle with a strong presence. Very heavy due to the solid wood.   About this item ・This is an original product of Tomoaki Uno Architects. ・There isn't a cylinder lock. Would you please prepare it yourself? Check the size of the spindle. ・This handle is heavy, so be sure to use the cylinder lock for the lever handle. Do not use cylinder locks for gripping balls. ・Door thicknesses range from 35 mm to 60 mm. ・Because it is handmade by craftsmen, the shape and color are slightly different. ・It may also have scratches. Please do not buy if you are nervous. ・Because it is reversible, and it can use for both left and right doors. ・It can also use in bathrooms and exterior doors, but it will age faster. ・The d... More