Vivienda de Lujo

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The house is located in a residential area in the interior of the province of Valencia, next to a high quality natural environment, reinforced by the presence of the Golf Course that borders the plot.  The entire programme of uses is developed on the ground floor, organised into three independent volumes, clearly visible from the outside. The Studio, with excellent views of the Golf Course, is the only room that rises to the first floor.  Adrián Mora Maroto The three main volumes are subtly raised from the plane of the landscaped ground, improving the long views, giving greater privacy and increasing the possibilities of ventilation. The three pieces have different heights, responding to the needs of the interior pro... More

Project • By Matérea ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

Vivienda unifamiliar en Villaviciosa

Located in Villaviciosa, Asturias, this weekend home adapts to the surroundings of the place, making the most of the views offered by the Asturian landscape and the conditioning factor of being in a floodplain given its proximity to the Villaviciosa Estuary. It is a relatively flat plot of approximately 3000m2 with a slight slope as it approaches the riverbank. Matérea Arquitectura The owners, a middle-aged couple from Madrid, were looking for a home where they could get away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Madrid and enjoy a break in Asturias. Some of the express requests by the couple was to be able to enjoy various types of spaces for reading and to be able to get contact with the natural landscape that surrounds i... More

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Reforma integral en Oviedo

The property is located in an area of ​​single-family homes close to the center of Oviedo. It is a building built during the 90s that over time has been changing owners and undergoing different modifications made by its tenants, which caused a complete disconnection from the original project. The property has a large estate with enviable views of Mount Naranco and the city of Oviedo. Therefore, one of the primary objectives is to enhance the connection of the home with its surroundings. Matérea Arquitectura Matérea Arquitectura The house had small openings which made it impossible for light to enter, in addition the different spaces were very compartmentalized and created useless corridors. This was a point required... More

Project • By Matérea ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

Vivienda unifamiliar en somió

This detached 350m2 single-family house is located in the city of Gijón in the exclusive area of ​​Somió, distributed over three levels to adapt to the pronounced orography of the land of approximately 2000m2, and to take advantage of the incredible views that the plot presents towards the Universidad Laboral. and the Cabueñes area. Matérea Arquitectura Its owners, a young couple with the intention of starting a family, wanted a house in Somió where light and views prevailed, as well as a program that would reconcile work and family life. Given the particular orography of the land, three levels are created on which the house sits. A first level of access and open, spacious and comfortable garage, a s... More

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Have you ever imagined what your life would be like in a smart mobile home? Or even better, imagine what it would be like to have your translucent smallholding and in just 30 minutes be able to enjoy a luxury home with the latest technology and fully equipped to live in it. Surely you had not imagined it because the mobile home as we had known it until now was for vacation use and not residential. For that reason, KEU1 is born. KEU1 is a different, durable home, with the highest energy efficiency, equipped with the latest construction systems and equipped down to the smallest detail. Inside we find two retractable day-night rooms, that is, the rooms of the house that are transformed as the hours of the day go by. Manufactured under the Eur... More

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Casa Vereda

Caption Caption Casa Vereda's design arises from the idea of embracing the social spaces of the house, in such a way that the rest of the areas are articulated through it. In such a way that the formal solution is the conceptual result of a clamp that takes as its main element, the living room, the double-height dining room, and direct contact with the garden as the content and the rest of the house as the container. Caption Caption The remaining spaces such as the bedrooms and amenity spaces surround these spaces while maintaining a visual connection with them all the time.   Caption Caption   More